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> Because my download speeds are slow and I am trying to obtain several
> distributions of linux or BSD, downloading ISO images isn't a
> feasible option.  I will be doing development work in Angola.  I
> haven't been assigned a position within the country yet, but I'll
> probably be working at a teacher training college.  The projects that
> IICD trains Development Instructors for are listed on the Humana
> People to People website (  There are several DNS
> schools within Angola, and I'll probably be in Huambo, Cabinda, or
> Luanda.  They already have some courses at these schools to teach the
> students about computers, but I'm trying to extend the scope to cover
> open source alternatives.


I admire your efforts to help educate future teachers, especially in
Africa. I was there (Tanzania) for awhile myself some years ago. The
last thing anyone on that continent needs to do is help finance Gates's
next manuscript purchase. If sending you a copy of my favorite OS will
assist you, count me in. Please send me your postal address (off list),
and I will send you all the CDs for 5.2.1-Release including the ports
collection. By the time you get to Angola, 5.3-Stable will be out, so I
don't see the point in sending you 4.10 (current production release).
Realize that bug fixes, updates, etc. happen almost daily to both the
OS and the ports, so when you do your install, you will need to update
everything via cvsup. Because cvsup downloads what are essentially diff
files and does its updates with those, the bandwidth consumed is
significantly reduced from downloading the iso files.



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