On Fri, Aug 27, 2004 at 05:50:29PM -0700, Benjamin P. Keating wrote:
> Compiling the mod_php doesn't seem to have the same makefile as it
> once did. The dialog box that comes up does not give you MySQL, XML,
> etc. options as it once did. I had to modify it's makefile by hand.
> Any idea when this port will be fixed?

Um... the port isn't broken, just your expectations of it.  The PHP
stuff was radically reorganised so that all of the extensions are now
created as dynamically loadable modules, which can be supplied as
completely separate ports.

Most ports that rely on PHP now use the 'USE_PHP' variable to specify
exactly which sets of extensions they need.  That means there's no
more need for a huge plethora of slave ports differing from the main
PHP ports only in the set of extensions they use.

The bit you're missing is to use the lang/php4-extensions port (or
lang/php5-extensions if that's the version you're using).  That's a
meta-port, inthat it doesn't install anything itself: all it exists
for is to depend on your choice of extension ports (chosen by the
standard Options mechanism).

Give the new style a fair go: most people who have agree that it is
actually much better than the previous arrangements.



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