Hi Stan,
if you use ipnat to do the NAT you need something like that in your ipnat.conf:

  rdr tun0 0/0 port 2000-2010 -> port 2000

This would redirect the ports 2000-2010 on your gateway to the same ports on the machine in your LAN.
If you use pf it's pretty much the same:

 rdr on $ext_if port 2000-2010 -> port 2000

check the proper man pages (ipnat.conf(5), pf.conf(5)) for the details.
I hope this helps,
kind regards,

stan wrote:

I've set up a ppp conection (tuneled over ssh and socks) from a machine on
the home network to a mcahine at work. At home, where I have control of the
rotueing tables, I've set up routes to allow all amchines to use this
link to access the machine at work.

However, I want more :-). I want to be able to access the rest of the
machiens at work. To do this the packest leaving the machine at work will
need to be NAT'ed to look like the originate _from_ that machine, and
unNAT'ed on the way out.

Is this possible?

If so, can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation as to how
to get it working? Both machines are (of course) FreeBSD machines.

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