Could someone point me to a resource which details the resources available for 
(or limitations to) doing desktop video via a usb eggcam (Logitech quickcam 
in this instance)

The kernel (according to dmesg) sees the device as ugen0.3, but I'm yet to 
find a client program that will display the output of the camera in an 

I've already built camserv (from ports) kldloaded the bktr.ko module and 
displayed the "test" camserv page in a webserver (something like 
http://localhost:9122) and I get a continuous changing of color pallete, so 
I'm pretty sure the software is working.  I just need to know if there is any 
client support for USB "eggcam" devices.

Any pointers to some relevant documentation appreciated, though  sagefull 
rants also welcomed.

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