On Sunday 29 August 2004 04:29, Peter Ryan wrote:

> Thanks for the reply, but are you sure I need to do a port
> upgrade after the cvsup if I am installing from the newly
> updated port.  KDE is the first application i am installing
> after the standard installation of 4.10, and the error is
> a missing file.  Shouldnt the cvsup'd port have everything
> I need ?

It depends how much more than the base system sysinstall added, for 
example since you don't mention building Xfree86, I assume sysinstall 
would have added it from packages on the CD. Also cvsup itself  has gui 
dependencies and they would also have been installed before cvsup was 

I'm not saying it will fix your problem, but  installing a new port on 
top of up-to-date dependencies, in general, gives you a better chance 
of a clean install - particularly with complex metaports like kde.

In general I've found KDE to be much easier to maintain from ports than 
Gnome. Whenever I've had a problem, a simple solution has appeared 
within a few days in UPDATING or at freebsd.kde.org
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