On Sun, 29 Aug 2004 14:24:20 +0530, Subhro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Really fishy. I can't see anything wrong. Did you cvsup your ports
> tree with ports-all? If not then I would recommend to do so and then
> try the upgrade. And do not forget to do a "make clean" without "s
> before starting to build. If that also fails then try to run
> portupgrade -a on the updated ports tree and then try to rebuild php.

Yeah that's what started this.  I'm using the exact same setup I
always do, but the most recent cvsup of all ports, and then
portupgrade of my ports-tree is what brought PHP and all of its
extensions from PHP 5.0.0 to PHP 5.0.1

Doing so seems to have broken the mbstring regex component.

I did, after posting here, go back and rebuild php5-mbstring WITHOUT
the regex option and it PHP works without error again -- but without
mbstring regex.

Since FreeBSD is all I have to test with, I don't know if this is a
FreeBSD error or a PHP error.
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