Hugo Silva ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [040829 08:53]:

> Today I went to a friend's house to install FreeBSD on his workstation,
> trying to make him change to open source software. I am a cable user and
> he has ADSL. I had never configured ADSL on FreeBSD, nor USB connections
> to the net. So I did some pre-reading on the handbook and some tutorials..

I tried configuring one of these things for FreeBSD. The web page
directions were extremely simple, with the minor problem that they, ahh,
didn't work. (Even had a bit on UK connections - I'm in the UK.) I never
did get it to work right.

I am now using a Speedtouch 510, which does the connection itself, and can
be confitured using a web interface (it was *easier* to configure using the
web interface via FreeBSD than using its custom application on Windows!) or
even by telneting directly to the device - ah, bliss ;-)

- d.

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