Although highly unlikely, but could you check your BIOS and enable DMA
if there is any setting for it? Alternatively, old BIOSses are really
messy about handling New hard drives. So reflashing the BIOS is also a
good option if your mo'bo manufacturer offers something new. Also you
did not indicate what type of cable you are using, ie 40 conductor or
80 conductor.


On Sun, 29 Aug 2004 23:16:13 -0400, Louis LeBlanc
> On 08/28/04 09:04 AM, Subhro sat at the `puter and typed:
> > Well it is really unfortunate that hard disks don't need a reason to
> > die. Maybe you are right. Are you using a 40 conductor or a 80
> > conductor cable? You can also try disabling DMA by setting the values
> > displayed by sysctl -a | grep dma to 0 in /boot/loader.conf
> >
> > Regards
> > S.
> Somehow I don't think that's going to solve my problem.  After adding
> the following line to loader.conf:
> hw.ata.ata_dma=0
> the machine just freezes up while trying to mount the root partition.
> I managed to boot to an old kernel and fix that problem.
> Lou
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