it was said:

>It would be nice if some PPP guru could explain what that error means
>(apart from too many LCP requests have been sent, and the driver is
>abandoning the negotiation)


I must correct my earlier post. Your having both pap and chap enabled
may not be why your connection attempts are failing. From RFC 1661:

In order to establish communications over a point-to-point link, each
   end of the PPP link MUST first send LCP packets to configure and
   the data link.  After the link has been established, the peer MAY be

Because your problem seems to exist in establishing the link,
authentication may not even enter into it.

As to your new question, what does, "Too many LCP REQs sent." mean, the
message indicates that for some reason the LCP negotiation between your
friend's computer than the ISP's NAS did not succeed during the
permitted number of attempts. The reason for that is almost certainly
due to a misconfiguration on your end. 
Determining what the particular misconfiguration is requires examining
the relevant config and log files. You may find the following
documentation of assistance: RFCs 1661 (PPP), 1334 (PAP), 1994 (CHAP),
2516 (PPPoE), in addition to man ppp(8) and
(URL may have wrapped). The source code of PPP and Netgraph may also be
revealing, but I'm not a C/C++ person, so I don't know for sure.



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