The ntp-stable tarballs are curently less-complete (less up-to-date) than
the ntp-dev tarballs.

I suspect Danny's patches have only been applied to ntp-dev, but
depending on when I last pulled ntp-dev back to -stable some of them
might be there.

Basically, we run ntp-dev all over and are expecting very few changes
between ntp-dev and what will become ntp-4.2.1.

We know that broadcasts work with networks that use ntpd.  I have no idea
what tardis is doing.  The fact that they apparently do not support any
authentication mechanism for broadcasts is troubling.

As for the documentation, this is a volunteer project.  There are at least
three documentation channels:

- the official pages (submit your ideas to Dave)
- the FAQ (submit your ideas to Ulrich)
- the twiki (edit/add pages as you see fit)

If you post improved documentation to the newsgroup and you post
permission to have your information used in the twiki, there is a chance
somebody will see it and also copy it there.  In general, I do not
copy content from the newsgroup to the twiki without explicit permission.

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