it was said:

by: A W
>Sorry im a total Newb to this Freebsd thingy. But if i were to do wat
>u told me to do and get Version 2.2.2 of FreeBsd, Which files do i
>need to start the installation?
by: stheg olloydson
>>I used that card in 2.2.2. (My first FBSD install!) As I remember, I
>>had to run a 3Com DOS utility to set the physical parameters
>>manually. Then I configured FreeBSD to use those settings.
>>I would think later versions would support that card, as well. You
>>probably just need to do what I did. If you don't have the 3Com
>>disk, you can download what you need from their site.


Please keep the list in the loop.
Hold on there! I didn't say to run 2.2.2. It was nice back in the day,
but if you were to run it now, the Huns would sack your village. What I
meant to communicate is you should use the 3Com software to configure
the NIC manually and then enter that configuration - if needed - when
setting up your interface.

HTH (by being more clear),


P.S. Another poster asked why do you think your NIC doesn't work. That
is a good question. What output do you get from ifconfig -a ?  

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