I'm using pptpd (PoPToP) on my server to enable clients on LAN to access internet (DSL 
connected to ethernet card on server). That works perfectly. Users dial VPN to the 
server,log in and can surf freely.
Now, I would like to enable internet users to access LAN resources. Server has a 
registered DNS name, and is pingable from the internet. Simple VPN connection doesnt 
work-internet clients connect to server,but can not access (ping) LAN users.
This is pptpd configuration:


option /etc/ppp/ppp.conf
pidfile /var/run/pptpd.pid


        set device PPPoE:ed0
        set speed sync
        set mru 1492
        set mtu 1492
        set ctsrts off

        enable lqr

        set log phase tun

        add default HISADDR
        enable dns

        set authname [EMAIL PROTECTED]
        set authkey KR24N8DE

 set timeout 0
 set log phase chat connect lcp ipcp
 set dial
 set login
 set ifaddr
 set server /tmp/loop "" 0177
 enable chap
 disable pap
 enable proxy
 accept dns
 set dns
 set device !/etc/ppp/secure


papchap section of ppp.conf is DSL dialing portion, and pptp is the VPN part.

So, how to enable internet users to access server LAN via VPN, and keep LAN users's 
capability to access internet via VPN?

Thank You VERY much!

Regards, Marin

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