Ricardo Britto wrote:


I'm running FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE-p9 #3 on my machine and I'm having problems on installing nvidia-driver from ports.
I get the following error: ERROR: Failed to load the NVIDIA module!
KLD nvidia.ko: depends on mem - not available.

That's saying about mem.ko module. Well, I cvsuped my tree - 'cause mem.ko doesn't exit on my /boot/kernel directory - and it's not available for my tag=RELENG_5_2. I tried to update my tree with the tag=. and it downloads mem source, but it's incompatible to my freebsd version (when I try to build and install my kernel I get errors about options that aren't available for that version of kernel).

I searched google about more info and all I could get was a discussion between commiters about cvsup war/bug fix.
In the end: I can't install nvidia-driver because it needs mem.ko module and I can't install mem.ko module because it isn't cvsuped to my tree (or because I'm too dummy :( ).

Could anyone help?

I appreciate in advance,

Ricardo Britto

. is the -CURRENT branch tag, and the config file for the kernel may have changed since the creation of RELENG_5_2. You should use the GENERIC config file and modify it instead of using your old one.

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