I'm having a problem installing 5.3-BETA2 on this box with a Compaq
Integrated SMART Array Controller.  The install CD detects the array
and I can partition, label, and install 5.3-BETA2 through the post-
install configuration.  However, when I reboot, the OS tells me, 
something to the effect, "OS not found".

I've tried installing the FreeBSD boot manager, a standard boot 
record, and to leave the MBR untouched.  I've also tried 4.9-RELEASE
just to see if there was a problem with 5.3-BETA2.  No matter what 
I try, I cannot get the Compaq BIOS to recognize the OS I just 
installed on the drive array.

I must be missing something obvious, but googling and perusing the
archives hasn't helped.

Thanks for your assistance...


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