At 03:57 PM 8/31/2004, W. D. wrote:
>> >>The Windows computer generating the Tardis NTP broadcasts is
>> >>at IP address:  Does anyone have any idea
>> >>why it's not picking up these broadcasts?
>> >
>> >Also, that's not a broadcast address as I recall.
>>It's the internal, NAT address, that my DHCP server/router
>>assigned to the Windows box that is sending out NTP
>>broadcast signals on port 123.
>That doesn't really matter. What address is it broadcasting on?

Why would you be trying to broadcast to everyone in the world? Try If it's not on the same subnet it would need to be a different address.

However, Tardis can be configured to broadcast on
any address.  What is/are the recommended IP

No it can't. There are only (relatively) few broadcast addresses and the routers have to support them or it will drop the packets if they are not link local.


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