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> I am wondering why there is never a "d" partition showing up in my
> disklabels (e.g. ad0s1d).
> Is there something special about it?

No.  Nothing special about the 'd' partition.

The special partitions are 'a' -- assumed to contain the root
filesystem, 'b' -- assumed to be a swap partition and 'c' -- not used
actively, but a synonym for the whole slice surface.  The specialness
of 'c' is no longer necessary, and hasn't been so for some years since
the reorganisation of disk devices to the


style, where /dev/da0s1 would do the job.  However so much software
assumes that 'c' is the whole slice that it's impossible to eliminate

'd' would be the last partition allocated by sysinstall (I think),
after 'e', 'f', 'g', 'h' -- maybe you just haven't been creating
partitions per disk to see them.



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