On Sep 1, 2004, at 1:58 PM, Curtis Vaughan wrote:
So, I have been told that I shouldn't put 5.x on a production box, but on the other hand I need pam_ldap, nss_ldap support on my box, which I have also been told is only available in 5.x.

If you have reason to need PAM & NSS support for LDAP, yes, you need to be running 5.x, or else you might consider some Linux flavor as better serving your requirements.

Whereas this is to be a Postfix server, I would like to know, which version of 5.x should I install, or perhaps there is a way to use linux emulation for pam and nss under 4.x? If, however, 5.x I must install, which would people recommend and what problems will I be facing by putting it into production?

Quite possibly, you won't encounter any problems.

BTW, if your only requirement driving the need for LDAP is mail users, one can set up Postfix and SASL to talk to LDAP, as well as configuring IMAP/POP to use LDAP-based accounts. pam_ldap lets one have authenticated Unix-level users from LDAP accounts; if you don't need LDAP shell accounts, 4.x will be enough.

Do not install 5.1; it's too old, too many bugs. 5.2.1 is probably the most stable version available now, but there are significant bumps between it and the 5.3 betas now available which make upgrading to what will be 5-STABLE somewhat difficult. If you've got the time to test the system, install a 5.3 beta. If you can wait two weeks, 5.3 will become the preferred choice.


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