I need to log every file users access to on my samba servers, so I used the vfs module 
audit, as suggested on http://www.samba.org , but I have this error as soon as I try 
to mount a share:

Sep  1 20:53:52 muva smbd[12847]: [2004/09/01 20:53:52, 0] 
Sep  1 20:53:52 muva smbd[12847]:   Error trying to resolve symbol 'init_module' in 
/usr/local/lib/samba/vfs/audit.so: Shared object "nss_dns.s
o.1" not found 

It refers to a library included in nsswitch, not available for freebsd, afaik.
How can I get rid of this error or even get file accesses logged ?
Any help is appreciated.
Santo Natale
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