Short answer: don't set vinum.autostart

Long answers: 5.x contains code to discover all attached disk drives
whereas 4.x does not.  Hence 4.x needs to be told were to look for disks
(that's the vinum.drives setting).  Vinum.autostart just tells 5.x to
run the discovery code.


On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 02:34, FreeBSD Daemon wrote:
> Dear list,
> I am using 4.10R and want to set up a mirrored / using vinum.
> I am confused by the note in section 17.9.1 of the handbook stating that
> the following paragraphs only apply to 5.x and refer to 17.9.5 for 4.x
> configuration.
> Do I have to set just vinum_load, vinum.drives, and vinum.root in 4.x?
> Or do I have to set vinum.autoload, too?
> Zheyu
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