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> I'm currently running FreeBSD 4.10 on a machine at home. Since it is exposed to the 
> internet (and since I am the only one who should be logging into it), I would like 
> to have a summary log of all logins (both failed and successful).
> "periodic" shows the the failed logins in the daily summary, but I would also like a 
> summary of the successful logins. I've "google"-ed, checked the list archives, and 
> looked at the period.conf man page, but I can't seem to find a way to do what I 
> want. However, I'm sure I'm not the first person to want this functionality.
> Can periodic be used to get a summary of successful logins? Is there a different 
> utility that exists?

I don't think the periodic scripts have that capability.  However,
it's fairly simple to get a list of all logins on the system (except,
for some unknown reason those logins via xdm(1) and similar graphical
login managers).

The command to use is last(1) -- note by default that reads
/var/log/wtmp which is recycled each month via newsyslog(8).  You can
edit the /etc/daily.local script to get that output included in your
daily e-mails.



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