On Mon, Aug 30, 2004 at 05:44:34PM +0600, indunil wrote:
> Hey,
> I installed PHP, Couier-Imap and squirellmail for MTA sendmail under
> freeBSD 5.2.1. but when i go to squirellmail and login to it, it says
> unknown user name and password.
> What is wrong with it. 
> Imap is also working,When I test it with telnet 143 it says
> IMAP ready 

Can you give us the output of your mail log and web server error log while
you login? Also, try logging using a different IMAP client (like Mozilla)
to see if it works that way. Other things to check are to make sure that
you configured it all right with the ./configure script in the squirrelmail
directory after installation.

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