Hi all,

I am attempting to load FreeBSD 4.9 from CD onto a Micron Millenia XKU
(Pentium II, 300 MHz, 390 MB RAM).  The install runs very smoothly and
completes successfully.  But when I attempt to boot from the hard drive it
just reboots.

If I tell the install to replace the MBR then the machine just continuously
reboots, but I suspect that it gets as far as trying to load FreeBSD before
this happens.

If I tell the install to load the boot manager, then the system finds the
hard drive and gives me the F1 prompt, with FreeBSD listed as the only boot
option.  When I press F1 the system reboots.

There are no errors listed or other indication on the screen to tell me what
is going on.

If you can tell me what is happening, that would be great.  If not, can you
tell me how to trouble shoot this?  Is there an image of a 'rescue disk'
somewhere that would allow me to boot from diskette and read some log files?
Which log files would I want to look at?  How else should I proceed?  What
other information should I provide?

I have installed FreeBSD onto one other system using these CDs and it worked
great, so the CDs should not be the problem.

I can load NT and MandrakeLinux onto this PC and they both work and boot
from the hard drive.

All help appreciated,


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