I's confuzzled (and such).

usbd picks up the rodent without a problem and spins up moused with
appropriate options (-p /dev/ums0 -I /var/run/moused.ums0.pid).

Some simple tests:
$ sudo moused -p /dev/ums0 -i all
/dev/ums0 usb sysmouse generic

$ sudo moused -d -f -p /dev/ums0       
moused: proto params: f8 80 00 00 8 00 ff
moused: port: /dev/ums0  interface: usb  type: sysmouse  model: generic

Nothing else happens when I move the mouse or click buttons. 

In 'dmesg' output, I see:
ums0: Microsoft Microsoft IntelliMouse\M-. Explorer, rev 2.00/4.19, addr 2, iclass 3/1
ums0: 5 buttons


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