On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 01:43:34AM -0700, Vonleigh Simmons wrote:

>  Edit ports/graphics/png/files/patch-ab
>   Add delta 1.2 2004. ache
> TreeList failed: Error in "/usr/sup/ports-all/checkouts.cvs:.": 64498: 
> Invalid FileAttr.AttrTypes encoding.  Delete it and try again.
>       What exactly is it asking me to delete?

Line 64498 of /usr/sup/ports-all/checkouts.cvs:.

    # cd /usr/sup/ports-all/
    # sed -i~ -e '64498d' checkouts.cvs:.

Then re-run cvsup, and it will replace the missing line with the
correct data.

Failing that, you can delete or move aside the whole
/usr/sup/ports-all/checkouts.cvs:. file.  The checkouts files are used
solely for bookkeeping, and as the manual says, cvsup can cope
without, although it makes the cvsup process rather less
efficient. See the section 'THE LIST FILE' in cvsup(1)

     The list file is not strictly necessary.  If it is deleted, or becomes
     inconsistent with the actual client files, cvsup falls back upon a less
     efficient method of identifying the client's files and performing its
     updates.  Depending on CVSup's mode of operation, the fallback method
     employs time stamps, checksums, or analysis of RCS files.



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