On Sep 3, 2004, at 11:56 AM, Joe Stuart wrote:

I'm trying to backup to tape, but everything I try I get device not

tar -c /home/joe
tar: /dev/sa0: Cannot open: Device not configured

mt -f /dev/sa0 rewind
mt: /dev/sa0: Device not configured

The device is on and loaded with tapes. Below is the output that is in
the messages log when the server boots, so I'm assuming the server sees
the tape drive alright. Any help is appreciated.

"tapes" plural? Its a jukebox/changer? If so then the problem is that you haven't completed the process to cause a tape to load in the drive. Can't help other than recommending the man page for ch(4).

I have a similar Archive SCSI DAT drive which produces the same "Device not configured" message when a tape is not loaded, or not yet ready after being inserted.

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