On Sat, 4 Sep 2004, Dan Nelson wrote:

In the last episode (Sep 04), Marc G. Fournier said:
Does anyone know of any software that will run on FreeBSD that would
allow you to keep two servers in sync?  All writes to /dir1 on
server1 would go to /dir1 on server2, and all writes to /dir2 on
server2 would go to /dir2 on server1?

I've thought about rsync, but am trying to get it as close to real
time as I can, and on large file systems, rsync would just get too
far behind, too quickly ...

I've started to look at Coda6, but so far what I'm reading through
the docs makes it sound like it may not be suitable ...

What I'm looking for is a hot failover solution using FreeBSD ... if
server1 goes down, server2 can start up and continue working ... when
server1 comes back up again, changes to server2 could be re-sync'd
back to server1, and server1 could once more resume its duties ...

How about a shared SCSI drive, filesystems only mounted on the master. When the master fails, the slave fscks the filesystems, mounts them, and becomes the master. Tried and true. You could even use background fsck and get immediate failover.

need to do this above the hardware layer ... am looking at 50% of services running on each of 2 servers, with failover to 100% running on one of the servers if the other goes down ...

reading through coda's docs, I think I can do it using that, just curious if there is a simpler setup that could be used ...

You could even do it without shared storage if you use geom_gate and
geom_{mirror,vinum,ccd} to keep two identical disks on each machine in
sync. When the master crashes and comes back up as a slave, the mirror
code will update its disks.

what is geom_gate? checked 'man geom_gate' on my 5.x machine, and nothing shows up ...

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