clayton rollins wrote:

OK, funny one.

I accidentally deleted a media file... However, I did have the file
opened in kaboodle.

The file appears to be intact in memory; I can listen to it from
start to finish. Kaboodle, unfortunately, doesn't have any "save"
feature, so that's out.

I'm wondering if there is some way I could hack in and read
the file out of memory. (I have root access, and am comfortable
with reading directly from memory.)

Lacking that, is there any tool that could capture the audio
as it plays out the card?

Check your /tmp dir. It could be there, I have found media there from firefox when a website does some jave popup function that prevents me from saving a file easily by right clicking on the link.

I think you could use something like # cat ./ > /dev/audio. This plays a file in the current dir to your aduio dev. I saw it at

Maybe you could use a pipe?
From this you could write a little program that calls open( a freebsd system call in libc) and write the input to a new file. The actual code samples are missing. I don't know perl, just a little c.

I just tried to write a sample program but it is 1:32am here and I have no examples in front of me. I am sure this would be the most complicated(or work intensive) way of geting your song or file. If it was a mp3 I would recommend kazza or some other p2p if you can't get it yourself soon.
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