Douglas wrote:
Um, I know this is going to sound stupid,

but I am completely dumbfounded as to how I can

runa web browser in FreeBSD. I got so frustrated

that I didn't know how to use FreeBSD and the fact

that Elmira is a Windows city was completely agitating me,

so I ended up uninstalling FreeBSD from my main hardrive,

re-installed Windows, and I am e-mailing you guys for help,

but don't fret, I have not left FreeBSD high and dry. I am going

to install it onto my very old 261MB SeaGate HDD. But if I am

going to use FreeBSD I need help getting used to it. Like, for

example, how do I run a program, let's say Netscape for example.

Please do help! I have always heard good reports about UNIX based OSes like FreeBSD. Thank-you.

Hi Douglas,

It would be helpful when mailing this list if you were to set your mail client to wrap lines at about 72 characters so that people reading it in console-based mail clients can see it all more easily.

It isn't quite true to say that the default install of FreeBSD does not include a graphical interface, since you do get offered the option to install X Windows and choose a desktop (aka window manager), but most default installs result in a console-only system.

There are web browsers you can use in this environment, such as lynx and links, and text-only browsing is wonderfully fast and functional. But to run a graphical browser such as Netscape, you will need to be sure to install a graphical interface first.

Your 261MB hard drive is not big enough to hold a graphical set up and large programs like Netscape.

The best resource for learning about all these issues is the FreeBSD handbook (which is also one of the best reference documents about computing, period). You can find this at:

If you find you have specific problems while trying to get things to work, mail this list again and you'll get lots help.


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