As Bob Van Valzazh wrote:

> Short answer: don't set vinum.autostart

> Long answers: 5.x contains code to discover all attached disk drives
> whereas 4.x does not.  Hence 4.x needs to be told were to look for
> disks (that's the vinum.drives setting).  Vinum.autostart just tells
> 5.x to run the discovery code.

Addition: the code to parse the name of the root device in 4.x is too
narrow-minded to parse a string like /dev/vinum/root, it can only
parse [/dev/]DDU[sS]P-style root device names (DD - driver name, U -
unit number, sS - slice number, P - partition letter).  Thus you need
to set the vinum.root variable so the vinum subsystem pre-determines
the name of the root device, and the parser for the root device name
will be bypassed.  FreeBSD 5.x contains a much more flexible parser
for the root device name, which allows each subsystem to place hooks
into it, and try translating a name like /dev/vinum/root into the
respective major/minor device number.  That's why vinum.root is no
longer needed under 5.x either.

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