On Monday 06 September 2004 06:36 pm, Leandro Malaquias wrote:
> I'm new to the list and I'm sure that this question has been asked before,
> but I am using kde 3.1 and I've read heaps of stuff on the internet but
> none really helped. How can I update my kde 3.1 to kde 3.2.3 using cvsup?

You probably want to upgrade to KDE 3.3, as this is the latest version. First 
get the latest ports directory by using cvsup on your ports-supfile. If you 
don't have one, look at the example 
in /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile.

Then read the 20040830 entry in /usr/ports/UPDATING. Normally when you upgrade 
ports you would just use the helpful portupgrade program (in 
sysutils/portupgrade), but this particular upgrade is an exception, and there 
are some additional steps. Follow the directions in UPDATING and you should 
be fine.


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