I've googled around to try and find a solution, but so far nothing has
worked.  I have a system here I'd like to install FreeBSD
5.2.1-RELEASE on (an AMD64 system) however it only has USB ports, no
PS/2 ports. Additionally, there's no floppy disk drive present in the
system, so the instructions in the handbook for using a serial console
won't work.  As a result of this, once the kernel actually loads and
the sysinstall program starts, the system ignores the USB keyboard.

I attempted booting from the FreeBSD installation CD, dropping to the
boot loader prompt, and setting the following variables:


I've also tried disabling ACPI , and "toggle-module ukbd". 

Finally, I tried the above both with USB Legacy Emulation both enabled
and disabled in the BIOS, with seemingly no effect.

Any hints? 


David Aquilina
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