huko wrote:
Sorry to vaste your time, but I have a problem and I donīt know how to fiksed it.
I have the geforce fx5200 grafic card and the e-yama LCD 17" monitor.
When I will enter the section to configure my grafic card and the monitor,

Where do you enter the "section to configure my grafic card"? In the installation routine aka sysinstall? If so, what version of FreeBSD are you trying to install?

the monitor paints black and the computer doesnīt responce anymore.
Can somebody give me a good adveise, Please, Please..

You might want to use a text based configuration tool. If you are trying to install a version of FreeBSD that comes with XFree86, you might be able to easily configure your card and monitor by running `xf86cfg -textmode`. If you are trying to install, you can do the same thing by running `xorgcfg -textmode`



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