I originally posted this in -ports but despite some suggestions it is still a problem. Hopefully someone here may be able to shed some light?

I'm (now) running

FreeBSD postie 4.10-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE #0: Tue May 25 22:47:12 GMT 2004 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC i386

I got my Epson C66 Photo up and running using CUPS, ESP Ghostscript, and the gimp-print drivers (using C64 since C66 isn't listed explicitly). It all works and I exported it through Samba and printed successfully from a Windows box :-)

Then I found that the Epson KOWA drivers were in the ports -
print/pips-sc65_66s - so installed them as they are better drivers,
changed the configuration in CUPS as per readme-sc65_66s-cups but the
printer wouldn't work.

I deleted the printer and re-added it from scratch but still it won't
work. When I click Print Test Page in CUPS the printer head "shuffles"
which shows there is some communication with the printer but it just
shows "Processing..." for a while then the job appears under Completed
Jobs with a status of "aborted".

I've set CUPS to log at debug2 level but that doesn't show anything
useful (to me anyway):

D [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] [Job 32] cups->ppd = 0x83f5400
D [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] [Job 32] cups->ppd->flip_duplex = 0
D [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] [Job 32] width = 827, height = 1039
D [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] [Job 32] PageSize = [ 612 792 ],
HWResolution = [ 100 100 ]
D [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] [Job 32] HWMargins = [ 8.400 35.400 8.400
8.400 ]
D [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] [Job 32] matrix = [ 1.389 0.000 0.000
-1.389 -11.667 1088.333 ]
d [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] PID 689 exited with no errors.
d [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] PID 690 exited with no errors.
D [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] UpdateJob: job 32, file 0 is complete.
d [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] UpdateJob: Removing fd 9 from InputSet...
D [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] CancelJob: id = 32
D [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] StopJob: id = 32, force = 0
D [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] StopJob: printer state is 3
d [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] StopJob: Freeing status buffer...
d [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] SaveJob: Closing file 7...
d [06/Sep/2004:20:08:51 +0100] SaveJob: Closing file 7...

The ekpstm program (Status Monitor) shows a "Communication Error" and the pips-sc65_66s program shows "Cannot communicate with a printer" on the Utility tab.

Can anyone offer any help/advice on this please?

BTW, the port appears to be missing a build dependency for autoconf253 -
my build stopped part way through as it couldn't find




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