On Thursday,  2 September 2004 at 18:12:39 +0200, Feczak Szabolcs wrote:
> Hi
> I have the following concatenated array:
> 3 drives:
> D vinumdrive0           State: up       /dev/ad2        A: 0/152627 MB (0%)
> D vinumdrive1           State: up       /dev/ad3        A: 0/152627 MB (0%)
> D vinumdrive2           State: up       /dev/ad1        A: 0/152627 MB (0%)

These should be partitions, not devices.

> it had olny the first two drives before, and it was operational
> when I issue growfs it dumps core:
> new file systemsize is: 234436157 frags
> Warning: 251796 sector(s) cannot be allocated.
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Looks like growfs is broken.  Unless somebody decides to take it on
again, it's likely to remain that way.  Sorry.

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