On Sep 3, 2004, at 10:46 AM, Jerry McAllister wrote:

I have a server that is rapidly filling the var partition with a MySQL database. I'd like to move it to a subdirectory somewhere under /usr.
If you don't want to move all the stuff in /var/db, then you will
have to be more selective and make the link from within /var/db
rather than just the whole db directory from within /var.

For example, the MySQL stuff is likely to all be in a directory
called /var/db/mysql.   So:

Stop MySQL or reboot to single user.
     cd /var/db/mysql
     tar cf /usr/mysql.tar *
     cd /usr
     mkdir var.db.mysql
     cd var.db.mysql
     tar xf ../../mysql.tar
     cd /var/db
     mv mysql mysql.old
     ln -s /usr/var.db.mysql mysql
Now, reboot and let MySQL start and make sure it all is happy and
works just fine.
Then clean up.
     cd /usr
     rm mysql.tar
     cd /var/db
     rm -rf mysql.old


Thank you to everyone who replied. I followed the above steps and the SQL server seems to be happy and running on the /usr partition instead of /var for now. We'll be watching it, and if all seems to be working well, we'll delete the old data off /var.

Thanks again! (especially for the specific directions on moving the data over, Jerry...)


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