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> Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 2004 8:14 PM
> Subject: PS/2 mouse problem via kvm switch
> Hi,
> I have problem with ps/2 scroll mouse when connecting via Nova View 
> KNV102 kvm switch.   The mouse doesn't work.   It just moved to the 
> top-right of the screen and stuck there.   It has no problem when 

Have you ever thought of contacting Rextron and asking them to
fix this?  Lots of KVM switches work fine with FreeBSD.

I can tell you that Compaq had to release a software update for it's
4110 series KVM switches to correct this problem.  (the 4110 isn't sold
anymore)  Their new KVM's don't do this.  Most other people's KVM
switches don't do this.  Why are you blaming FreeBSD for this problem
when other KVM switch manufacturers have obviously dealt with it.

Maybe you should sell yours on Ebay and buy a different brand.

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