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> > > vidcontrol: cannot set videomode: Operation not supported by device
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> > > Can somebody please tell me what this means?
> >
> > All that means is the card does not have proper/complete VESA
> > implementation.  IOW, get a card w/ proper/complete VESA
> > implementation?
> Aha!  So while it does have a VESA BIOS it's just not complete.
> Presumably the vesa code uses some of the less common features to
> achieve what it does?  In a word, it's doesn't work and it's not going
> to without some really radical changes to the vesa code?  Can you
> confirm/refute this?

VESA was a standard that was important back in the DOS days.  When it
first came out the card vendors all came out with TSR's that would
intercept the VESA calls and either make the equivalent BIOS calls into
the card BIOS or would setup the registers directly.

Later on the card vendors all integrated that into their video card
BIOS roms.

These days in the age of Windows and protected mode OSs, the video card
driver generally does not make calls into video BIOS for most things.

With FreeBSD the VESA stuff is handled by the VESA driver (kldload vesa)
which talks to vga() which I believe handles the ugliness of the bios
calls into the actual video card bios.  Only certain cards have been
tested with this module and this driver.  (you did load the vesa module
before running vidcontrol and specing VESA modes, did you?)

It's quite possible that your video card does have vesa extensions but
because of some difference in their implementation, the calls from
vga() fail, thus the vesa module cannot use it.  Or it's quite possible
that your manufacturer didn't include VESA support at all.

There are some DOS utilities floating around which test for VESA
you might try booting your laptop into DOS and running one of those.  If
say your laptop supports VESA extensions then perhaps the vga developer
would add support into the driver.


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