> My email domain is just a strange coincidence, I am not associated
> with
> the people at ethereal.com, just like the product (and name :)
> You do not need X, use "tethereal", it is a command line program.
> With regards to inserting the box inline, It should be possible, I
> have
> not been successful at doing it (yet). I am trying to build a NIPS
> which
> I would like to put inline between my ISP and my wireless router. I am
> using ipfw, If I get it to work, I will let you know.

Tks for the input. I've done inline boxes with FreeBSD several times
in bridge mode (I work at an ISP). If you have any questions, feel
free to ask. If they are off topic to this list, just email me at



> Norm

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