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Any hints would be welcomed. What's the best way to troubleshoot this problem?

First, if you could isolate it to just snort or just MySQL.

Typically, folks have this problem because they try to rotate log files
without restarting the program that's logging to them.  The rotate program
compresses the current log file into a new file, then deletes the original
file ... but the program is still logging to it.  Thus the space fills up,
but there is no file to see the space in.  Restarting the program doing
the logging causes the old file to disappear, and a new log file to be

On a guess, Snort would be the first thing I'd look at.  However, MySQL
can create a TON of data if logging is enabled, so you may want to look
closely at it as well.

Thanks, Bill. That's really helpful. I suspected it was snort, but I wasn't sure. I'll shut down one process at a time and see when df "returns to normal". I am using newsyslog.conf which *should* HUP processes when logs are turned over, but maybe I missed something.

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