I just installed FreeBSD 5.2 on an old Dell (Pentium
120).  The box has an ide controller onboard as well
as a Promise Ultra100 TX2 PCI controller card. 
There's a 4GB hard drive attatched to the onboard
controller used for all of the system files (e.g. /,
/var, /tmp, and /usr) and a 200GB hard drive attached
to the PCI card with one giant 200GB FAT32 partition
for data.

The PCI card is recognized during boot (the card's
BIOS loads during bootup and a quick 'dmesg' shows a
atapci1 entry), but I don't see any entries for the
drive under /dev (e.g. there's no /dev/ad1*
partitions).  I checked that the drive and controller
are working, since another computer with a win2k
installation seems them just fine.  The onboard
controller and attached system drive seem to work just

Can anyone suggest why the PCI controller is
recognized but the drive attached to it isn't?  What
should I do so that the drive is recognized?

Rishi Chopra

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