I haven't seen this mentioned and thought it might be of interest to
the community.
Distrowatch.com mentions a company, Trianceware, that is offering what
appears to be a FBSD/KDE bundle they named TrianceOS. Their main aim
looks to be making a *nix desktop OS for the typical Windows user, i.e.
click-driven not cli-driven. Making it a less quixotic task than it may
seem, they intend to charge for the system once it is out of beta.
I have not yet succeeded in getting an iso (1.0 beta), so I do not know
how customized anything is. Judging by the site's very sketchy content,
I would say not very. The most interesting thing (imo) is they say that
they are going to take on the beast that is sysinstall and GUI-ize it.



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