Christophe Asselin wrote:
> I want to install FreeBsd 5.2.1 but when i boot from the install i386 cd
> an error occur.
> Some text appear and it froze (stuck at these lines)
> "pcibo:<acpi host-pci bridge> port oxcf8-oxcff on acpi0
>  pci0:<acpi pci bus> on pcibo
>  pcibo: slot 2 INTA is routed to irq 10"
> in windowsxp, if I watch for irq10, it say that my intel 82852/82855
> GM/GME graphic card is on that irq

IRQs are shared, so there could be TWO things on IRQ 10...

So you can't really be sure it's your graphic card.

I believe that is the same card as is in my laptop, and 5.2.1 installed
fine on that...

I'm not saying for sure it's *NOT* your graphics card -- just that it's
not looking all that likely...

Cheap/easy things to try:
re-download (or check the checksum) the disk 1 binary.
re-burn a new CDR.

What *other* hardware is in your computer?
Anything "funky"?
Perhaps pull out anything that's not super crucial, and try to install.

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