"Gene Bomgardner" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Actually, the IPS's DNS entry is for reverse lookup. I suspect that
> the problem might be that a forward lookup returns a different IP
> address. That is:
> domain.net -->       While
> --> domain.net
> Because the domain is redirected normally to domaindirect servers. I
> probably need to change the primary DNS entries, but I'm not certain
> yet.

Absolutely.  Your mail server is claiming to be a different host.

> GOD!!!! I hate the hoops we need to go through to avoid filthy spammers!!!!

True, but this is different.  Your server is misconfigured in a way
that makes it difficult to be sure that error messages go to the right
place, so my mail server would have rejected its connections even
before I started tightening down against "spam."
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