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I'm running snort 2.1.3 and mysql 3.23.58 on FreeBSD 4.9 RELEASE.  All
applications are built from ports.

Periodically I get /var full messages and everything comes to a grinding
halt.  The problem is, /var isn't full.

df -h will show /var at 104%, but du -h /var shows /var at 40% (for
example).  If I shut down snort and mysql, wait for a minute and then
them back up, df agrees with du again.

The best thing to do is increase some more space in /var (as default it is 256MB?) - you need to mount /var somehow to 400MB. How to do that?

How in the world would that help? (BTW, /var is 31GB) The problem isn't that I'm running out of space. The problem is that df *thinks* I'm out of space, most likely because of a filehandle problem (but I'll confirm that here once I figure it out.)

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