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Correct. du can only show the `named' space (the size of files which are not unlinked-but-open).

One of the ways to find out what has the largest files open is

# fstat | grep /var | sort -r -n -k 8 | head

Apparently snort is the culprit. When I killed snort (mysqld is still running), df began to report less and less space used until it agreed with du again.

Here's the results of the fstat command per your suggestion:

bash-2.05b# fstat | grep var | sort -r -n -k 8 | head
mysql    mysqld       189   56 /var     1036492 -rw-rw----  4294967276 rw
root     snort        341    6 /var     3491966 -rw-------  1260683393 rw

The second file is the only one in the top ten that belonged to snort.

How do you convert the filenames from numbers to names?

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