Hi all,

first: hello to all FreeBSD users out there ;)
After using Linux for several years, I want to try out FreeBSD for some of 
my servers now. I am coming from Gentoo Linux, so I am somewhat "used" to 
the ports system...

Ok, now to my first question: I am setting up my 2nd FreeBSD box now. On my 
first test machine I installed "rdate" (instead of "ntpdate"); I can 
update system time w/o problems there.

But when I try to update system time on the 2nd box now, I get no errors 
from rdate, but my time and date is not updated afterwards. When I try it 
with ntpdate (with same time server), I get the following error:

6 Sep 15:22:01 ntpdate[330]: no server suitable for synchronization found

I set my local time via /stand/sysinstall to my local timezone (Austria), 
CEST. With rdate, I get the right date and time, but as said my system 
date and time is not updated, it stays around two hours behind...

Sorry if this is maybe a dumb question, but I really have no idea left 
where the problem could be (because this works wonderful on the other 
FreeBSD test machine).

Greetings and TIA, Matthias

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