I appreciate the suggestions, Peter. I picked up a new card over the
   weekend, and have been working through getting that installed. You'll
   probably see a new note to the list later today on that, since my
   impressions of the installation processes are dropping by the minute.
   Peter Ryan wrote:



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Considering all of that, my questions are:
- Am I being unrealistic in choosing a machine with a 300MHz
- If I add another 128MB of memory, should I expect to see a
dramatic improvement?
- Could the graphics adapter itself be the bottleneck?
- If I picked up a newer graphics adapter that was supported
by xorg, would a switch to 5.x and/or xorg be expected to
pick up the speed a bit?

Thanks to anyone who might help fill in the blanks.


I am an ultra newbie to everything *nix, so bear that in
mind when considering what I write.

I would watch out for your swap space setting.
One of my 'play' machines has only 64MB memory.
When i set swap too big (512MB on one occasion),
the KDE desktop ran like a dead dog. Switching back
to a more reasonable swap fixed that problem.

I had been installing from the 4.10R CD, included
KDE selected as a desktop. This installed a KDE
package from the CD.  This caused me no end of problems
when I tried to install some other packages wanting
more recent versions of things KDE used.

I may have chosen poorly when selecting what
to do about that, but I have now settled on an install
procedure which seems to avoid most of the problems
I have encountered - so far :)

I install from the 4.10CD, and only select cvsup from
the package collection.  I dont install a desktop from the
list offered during the sysinstall.
I then rebuild the ports completely using cvsup.
I then install /usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade.
I then run portsdb -Uu
Then I upgrade the few packages that are already
there (primarily XFree86) with portupgrade -a.

This procedure has served me well so far. It is based
on the OnLamp article and much assistance from
Matthew Seaman and others on this list.

and the patch suggested by Matthew for a portsdb problem,which worked.

Once that is done i go on with whatever packages
I want to try, including the desktop.

I found the best place to look through the questions mailing list is
The layout of threads is excellent

Hope something here helps


   1. mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
   2. http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/bsd/2003/08/07/FreeBSD_Basics.html
   3. http://www.onlamp.com/lpt/a/4111
   4. http://archive.pilgerer.org/mharc/html/freebsd-questions/2004-09/msg00563.ht
   5. http://archive.pilgerer.org/mharc/html/freebsd-questions/
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