Brian McCann wrote:
Hi all...I'm having problems using rsync, and it makes no sense to me.
 I'm running it with the following options: "rsync -e ssh -avpz
--delete src dest".  Whenever the src has lots of files (over 1000),
it seams to just stop, verbose mode doesn't tell me anything
relevant...and if i try again, it will just download more, then stop
again.  Any guesses anyone?

Maybe you are too impatient. :-)

If you pass rsync a very large tree of files, it takes a long time-- several minutes up to an hour or more-- to traverse and note timestamps, file-sizes, checksums, etc before it does anything. If you get output, and then a big pause, it is probably finding a bunch of stuff which matches and does not need to be copied (but it still has to look at timestamps and maybe do checksums).

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