A W wrote:

hello i was wondering if u could answer the following questions

1) is it possible to have both freebsd 5.2.1 with KDE 3.1 and Windows 98 on

the same Hard Disk. If yes how can i do this?

Yes, it's called "dual booting" by many people. I can't tell you how. AFAIK, it is not covered by the official documentation, either; I would imagine you could find some information by searching the web.

2) can i run .exe files with KDE 3.1 because when i launch a .exe file it asks
me what to program to use to it open with.

I don't think this would be possible unless you use an emulator.
The FreeBSD kernel and the windows kernel are not at all alike.
VMWare is a noted emulator, and it is available [if you have the ports
tree installed] at /usr/ports/emulators/vmware2.  I know nothing about
it, myself...

3) im trying to run 256 color and 800x600 reolution hopefully 1024x780 as well. But everytime
i configure th Xserver it always launch in 256 color 300x200. How can i fix this so that it will
run the right resolution i want and the right color as well. And i have asked this question
before but i just didn't quite understand the answers that came back.

4) Is it possible to run KDE in 16 bit color???? Because everytime i run it in 16 bit color
it says there are no screens found.

You will need to give information on your video hardware and a "paste" of your
XFree86 (or Xorg) config file. "No screens found" means that the X server cannot
find a valid configuration to run with using the information in your configuration file
(which, in XFree86, is generall /etc/X11/XF86config).

You need the right values in several places in this file. IIRC, the handbook has
a good description of what you need to do to configure XFree86, and a sample
config file...

if you answer these questions can u please answer them clearly and explain the way i
have to do the things thoroughly. Because i don't really like the fact that i get answer
and i have no i idea how to do it or have no idea where to find it or what command i
have to type, and have to reply just to ask how to.

thank u and please don't find the last paragraph offensive

Well, I don't guess that I do; you need to realize that there is a "learning curve"
here, and you're going to have to spend a lot of time and do a good bit of reading
to master the OS. FreeBSD is extremely powerful and flexible --- as a counterpart
to this flexibility and power you get a system that isn't configured (perhaps) the
way that you think it should be right "out of the box"... RTFM/STFW/ask good questions;
pay Wisdom's price and you'll receive her rewards in due time...

Kevin Kinsey
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