Kenneth A. Bond wrote:
> I am trying to update my source using CVS, as CVSup is not an option in my
> current environment. I am running FreeBSD 4.10.
> Below are the commands that I am entering in order to perform the update,
> but for some reason, I am getting the following error when attempting to
> update my source:
> lx1005# pwd
> /usr/src
> lx1005# setenv CVSROOT [EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/ncvs
> lx1005# cvs co -rRELENG_4_10 src
> cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot write /home/ncvs/CVSROOT/val-tags:
> Permission denied
> lx1005# whoami
> root
> These commands show that I am in the /usr/src directory (which is where I
> should be), and that I am the root user.
> I was informed by another user that this was a server error, but I can't
> seem to get around it no matter which anoncvs server I use.

Just for kicks, try these things:

Perhaps you're having trouble because 'co' is running into pre-existing
mkdir /test
cd /test
cvs co -rRELENG_4_10 src .
The . should force the source into /test (where you are) I believe.

Who or what is /home/ncvs???
Is that being set somewhere in your root login?
Or in your /root/.cvsrc?
Surely doing a 'co' should not write anything on the anonymous server...
On your local machine, go ahead and create /home/ncvs/ and chmod 777 it.
Then try again.

Do you have a .cvsrc file in your /root directory?
Does it automagically add flags to 'co' to make you put a 'watch' on files
you check out?
Or perhaps force 'co' to always check out with some kind of exclusive lock
on them?
Or some other funky flags getting passed to 'co' via /root/.cvsrc?
Any of these things might be real handy in your day-to-day usage of CVS
within your work-place or personal setup, but would most likely not be
conducive to anonymous access of BSD's CVS servers.
I think all of those flags have some kind of over-ride to turn them back
OFF from the command line, so you won't need to fargle your .cvsrc -- "cvs
help co" should tell you what flags to add to over-ride the existing

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